Tarot Card Reader

This is a funny JavaScript game I recently created. It reads your personal characteristics from your birthday. When you enter your birthday, the script will use a formula to calculate a number. The layout of this game bases on Boostrap 4 CSS framework.

When you press “Get Your Soul Symbol”, your Tarot card a long with your number and characteristics will show up.


Horse Race Game

This is a game I write by JavaScript + HTML5 + CSS3. It’s a funny betting game.

The result of 4 horses will always be random!

It needs to have at leasts 2 to play this game. You just choose the horse you want and how many laps would be. Press Start, to play the game. Each horse will run with himself speed, speed will change randomly by the time on the track. This feature make the game to be more real, funny and attractive.

Please don’t hesitate to comment so I can improve this game.